Hello again. Shifting away from the previous two posts that were focused on Estonia, we’re now looking just a little bit to the north. Having now experienced all the available options as a passenger, this post will contain my explainer of ferries between Tallinn and Helsinki, separated by 82 km… Continue Reading Crossing the gulf: an overview of passenger ferries between Tallinn and Helsinki

Continuing with my series on public transit in Estonia, I have made this post to look into passenger trains in Estonia. As an avid rail enthusiast and frequent passenger on trains, it would be appropriate to provide a look into rail transit in my home country as well, although most… Continue Reading Elron: passenger rail in Estonia

Hello everyone. I have now been living in Tallinn for 2 years now, and I figured I’d write about the public transport in this city. I’ll be going over what services make up the network, what improvements have been made, and what could be done better. This isn’t meant to… Continue Reading Public transport in Tallinn: the state right now, and what could be improved

Good evening all. I recently visited London once again, this time on a rather special occasion. I went to witness the opening of the central core section of Crossrail on May 24. But what did that sentence just mean? What is Crossrail and why is it not called that officially?… Continue Reading Crossrail: transforming transit in London

This post is about the London Underground, also known as the Tube: a mass transit system in London, and my experiences while using it. I visited the UK between February 25th and March 1st, and thought I should write a post about it, since I’ve been a long time fan… Continue Reading The London Underground: what it is and how to use it?

This post is all about the Tallinn-Stockholm ferry service operated by Tallink. I went on a cruise on this route on December 26-28, and this is a post about my experiences on that ferry, and also a general guide to the service, as I’ve been on these ferries several times… Continue Reading Tallink’s Tallinn-Stockholm ferries: A review

Hello, all readers. This is my first post on my new blog. I will be posting here write-ups of my travels, reviews of transportation systems, and also some tech related stuff. I am writing this on board a ferry coming back from my visit to Stockholm, and this post will… Continue Reading The Stockholm Metro: A Guide/Review