Upcoming railway trip: Sangaste-Tartu

Hello. In the beginning of this year, there were big changes to passenger train services in Estonia. Edelaraudtee (Southwestern railway), the main operator for about 10 years, had it’s contract terminated and Elektriraudtee (Electric railway) ordered new trains from Stadler. Later it changed it’s name to Elron and on the 1st of January, it began operating passenger trains all over Estonia. The new Stadler trains were ordered to replace old rolling stock built in Latvia, and are a lot more modern. I have been to the electric trains, which operate around the capital, but not the diesel trains which operate on the rest of the network. This Saturday though, I’m going to Valga to visit my grandparents and will return by train. This is the perfect opportunity to take a ride on these new trains! I already have bought a ticket. You will see the post about the trip go live on Saturday evening/Sunday morning.