Railway Trip in Estonia: Tartu to Talllinn and back

Hello. On the 29th of April I went on a trip from Tartu to Tallinn. The outbound train was a stopping service, calling at almost all stations. This was operated by a 4-car DEMU, 2431. IMG_0415

Here’s the train at Platform 2.


The name of this train is Tarapita.


Arrived at Tallinn (Track 4 if I remember correctly).

Before the train back to Tartu, I managed to get to the station early and do some trainspotting.


Here’s EMU 1403 at Track 7.


And here’s a link to the video showing its departure.


Here’s 1408 departing Track 8 for Paldiski.

I took the unit 2404 (named Pahlen) back to Tartu.


Here it is at Platform 1.

IMG_0419 IMG_0436

And here are some shots of the old DR1A units before they disappear.

That’s it. Stay tuned for a post on my trip to Sangaste.