This post is about the London Underground, also known as the Tube: a mass transit system in London, and my experiences while using it. I visited the UK between February 25th and March 1st, and thought I should write a post about it, since I’ve been a long time fan… Continue Reading The London Underground: what it is and how to use it?

This post is all about the Tallinn-Stockholm ferry service operated by Tallink. I went on a cruise on this route on December 26-28, and this is a post about my experiences on that ferry, and also a general guide to the service, as I’ve been on these ferries several times… Continue Reading Tallink’s Tallinn-Stockholm ferries: A review

Hello, all readers. This is my first post on my new blog. I will be posting here write-ups of my travels, reviews of transportation systems, and also some tech related stuff. I am writing this on board a ferry coming back from my visit to Stockholm, and this post will… Continue Reading The Stockholm Metro: A Guide/Review

The largest internet service provider in Estonia is Telia Eesti, formerly operating as Elion. Along with broadband internet, they provide a TV service, using IPTV technology. Since this is a rather new technology, it has yet to be standardised, and every ISP operates it with their own parameters. As a… Continue Reading Telia (formerly Elion) TV on a 3rd party router: Part 1

Hello. I made this trip on the 3rd of May, travelling on the same unit on both directions. The unit was 2318, named Pitka. Here it is at Platform 2. When the driver entered the cab, he left the door unlocked! The standard class carriage. The train departing Sangaste.… Continue Reading Railway Trip in Estonia: Tartu to Sangaste and back

Hello everyone. I will be leaving to Tenerife tomorrow, but I’m going via London. I will arrive in the afternoon and leave the next morning. This is a perfect opportunity for a rail trip! I will be travelling during the evening  rush hour and see how can the different TOCs… Continue Reading Upcoming railway trip: the Gatwick circular bash