Hello. I made this trip on the 3rd of May, travelling on the same unit on both directions. The unit was 2318, named Pitka. Here it is at Platform 2. When the driver entered the cab, he left the door unlocked! The standard class carriage. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JS5rh8vUcaM&feature=youtu.be The train departing Sangaste.… Continue Reading Railway Trip in Estonia: Tartu to Sangaste and back

Hello. On the 29th of April I went on a trip from Tartu to Tallinn. The outbound train was a stopping service, calling at almost all stations. This was operated by a 4-car DEMU, 2431. Here’s the train at Platform 2. The name of this train is Tarapita. Arrived at… Continue Reading Railway Trip in Estonia: Tartu to Talllinn and back

Hello everyone. I apologise that I haven’t made this post earlier. On the 28th of February I went on a bash starting from Gatwick Airport, going around the Southern region. It was rather short, but I covered lots of track during that time. At Gatwick I boarded the 1V58 First… Continue Reading Railway trip in the UK: the Southern Region bash

Hello everyone. I will be leaving to Tenerife tomorrow, but I’m going via London. I will arrive in the afternoon and leave the next morning. This is a perfect opportunity for a rail trip! I will be travelling during the evening  rush hour and see how can the different TOCs… Continue Reading Upcoming railway trip: the Gatwick circular bash

I have just completed my trip from Sangaste to Tartu in the new Stadler DEMU (diesel-electric multiple unit) successfully. The train was pretty good. My train was 2312, a 3-car unit (excluding the PowerPack in the middle). I will provide some pictures below. A front view of the train in… Continue Reading Railway trip in Estonia: Sangaste-Tartu

Hello. In the beginning of this year, there were big changes to passenger train services in Estonia. Edelaraudtee (Southwestern railway), the main operator for about 10 years, had it’s contract terminated and Elektriraudtee (Electric railway) ordered new trains from Stadler. Later it changed it’s name to Elron and on the… Continue Reading Upcoming railway trip: Sangaste-Tartu